Monday, May 12, 2008

Flock Browser - The Social Web Browser

Flock Browser - The Social Web Browser

Now that you are a social media junkie, how are you ever going to keep up with all your peeps? Who has time to go check out all your friend's Facebooks, Twitter, YouTubes, Flickr, Photobucket, Blogs.....?

Flock is the answer because no one has that kind of time. I am so used to using Flock that I forget other people are working so hard to stay connected. Here is the scoop:

Flock is a browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) but it has powerful social networking tools built in. One of my favorite features is the people browser. To the left side of your browser window is a panel with all your people shown in little boxes. I have it set to list the person at the top who has made the most recent modification to their Facebook or has posted an update in Twitter. Then I don't have to go to those sites to see if anything changed.

It also makes it easy to generate content. For example, if you are watching a YouTube video and would like to post it on your blog you simply hover over it and a bar shows up at the top of the video window. The bar gives you the option of emailing the video or blogging it. After you have registered your blog on your computer it is super easy to cross post stuff from any webpage you discover something cool.

That is the way I made this post. Any problems or issues? I have had the browser shut down on me a few times but it always started back up and gave me the option to "Restore session." Doing so brings back all the tabs I had open before it shut down.

It also is my favorite price - FREE! Let me know if you check it out or have any questions. Enjoy.
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