Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to Make Facebook Useful Again - ReadWriteWeb

How to Make Facebook Useful Again - ReadWriteWeb
Oh the heels of some of Facebook's missteps (ahem, Beacon) and the proliferation of a myriad of useless, silly, and time-wasting apps, some former Facebook users
decided to quit the site for good this year. However, a handful of
early adopter angst doesn't have Facebook worried. Why is that? Because
Facebook has a whole generation of users who grew up using their site
for everything social back when it was just a way to network with their
high school or college friends. So what are the everyday Facebook users
doing that keep them engaged in the service? It's not throwing sheep,
apparently. For many Facebook users, there are still useful apps to be
found and ways to use the service that the rest of us could learn from.

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